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How it works

Choose from an ever growing collection of excellent books for all ages, in over 50+ categories spanning from Arts & Culture to Fiction and Politics to Comics. Bookspace offers very simple subscription plans and easy payment options to select.

1. Sign up using your Email-id.

2. Select your Plan and make payment.

3. Requesting the books that you want to read.

4. Books will be delivered at your doorsteps within 24-48 hours.

5. Read books in your space at your pace.

6. We will arrange to pick up the read books and issue new books.

If the book is not available with us, we will make every effort to acquire it.

You may also gift a membership to your family and friends.

Spread the joy of reading.

Latest Reviews

90 Minutes at Entebbe by William Stevenson
Prasad Kulkarni

“ must read...a terrific true story ”

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Arya by Vasant Patwardhan
Prasad Kulkarni

“ Great book :) ”

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