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  • What is www.bookspace.in?
    www.bookspace.in is the website for Bookspace, your neighborhood books library, a book rental service with free home delivery and pickup of books.
  • Are the deliveries and pick-up free of cost?
    Yes. The delivery and pickup charges are included in the library plans.
  • How do I contact Bookspace team?
    Call us on 9850048496 / 9890658387 or send a mail to bookmark@bookspace.in. Mention your contact details. We will contact you within a business day.
  • Where is Bookspace service available?
    Bookspace.in service is available in Pune.

  • How do I become the library member?
    The process is fairly simple. Call / Whats-app on 9850048496. You can email at bookmark@bookspace.in. Alternately, go to the library plans page. Choose the plan that suits you and check-out. Once you have purchased membership, you can start requesting books. Your books are on their way.
  • How does the pick-up work?
    When you place a request (through whatsapp / SMS / call / email / website) for new delivery, we come to your door-step, pick up the read books, and deliver new set of books.

  • Does Bookspace.in provide e-books?
    No. For now, we do not provide e-books. We may plan to introduce them in the future.

  • What is the difference between 'registration' and 'membership'?
    Registration is sign-up. After completing the sign-up process, you become a member. You can rent books from Bookspace.in only when you purchase library membership.

  • Do I need to pay the registration fee when I renew my library subscription?
    No. There is no registration fee.

  • Are there any late fees in Bookspace library plans?
    No. Return books when you are done reading. Enjoy reading in your space at your pace.

  • How long can I keep the books?
    As long as you have a valid membership, you can keep the books to yourself till you finish reading (except for Special Plans, where books may need to be returned in specific timelines).
  • What if I lose or damage the books?
    Inform us at bookmark@bookspace.in, or call us. Please understand that the cost of replacing a lost book or repairing damages will be charged to you and the payment for the same collected before you receive your next shipment of books. The amount charged will be the current retail value of the book.
  • Can I ask for delivery but keep books of the previous cycle?
    No. A new delivery will imply pick-up of the previous set of books.
  • When do I receive my delivery after I put a rental request?
    We try our best to provide the fastest home-delivery. If the book(s) is available, you will receive your delivery within 24-48 hours (for customers within Kothrud 5 km radius area). For outside of this area, we have assigned each day of the week to specific areas (Call us to understand the model).
  • Where do the library books get delivered?
    Your books are delivered to the address you mention when you put a delivery request. You can add multiple addresses and get books delivered to your office or home as per your convenience.
  • Can I change the address of delivery?
    Yes. You are asked to choose a delivery address. You can choose a previously mentioned address or add a new address, within the delivery limits.
  • Who collects and delivers my books?
    Once you request the delivery/pick-up of books on the portal or by calling us, we will take care of the rest.
  • How do I place a request for renting books?
    Use the search or browse categories to find books of your interest. Add these books in your queue. Once you have added enough books, arrange them in priority.
  • How do I ask for a pick-up?
    You can request a pick-up by Whatsapp / call / SMS or by sending us an email.
  • What if I am not available at home when the delivery guy comes to deliver the books?
    The representative calls you before making a delivery. In case you confirm, please ensure that someone is present at the delivery address during the day. 

  • What is my wishlist?
    You can add books to your wishlist to queue books for future reading. This will help us know your possible future requirements, and can procure these books, to make them become available in library.
  • What do I do after I am done with my reading?
    Add more books to your queue / wishlist and ask for a delivery. Keep the old set ready for pick-up.
  • How do I know that my book-request is placed?
    You will notice 'pending delivery' in your queued list.

  • I forgot my password. What do I do?
    Click on ‘Forgot Password?' link on the login page, enter your email ID and click on the ‘Send’ button. Click on the URL sent on your email-id and reset your password. Login with your new credentials.

  • What are Bookspace.in's terms and conditions?
    Please refer to the 'Refund Policy' page on Bookspace.in.
  • What are Bookspace.in privacy policy?
    Please read the privacy policy document for details.

  • Is there any security deposit?
    Yes, we need to safeguard our books against any damages. The Security Deposit is refundable, assuming the member returns the books in good condition. More details can be found on the 'Refund Policy' page.

  • What amount will be deducted from security deposit?
    No amount would be deducted from your security deposit if you have returned the books without any damage.
  • How do I pay for Bookspace.in purchase?
    You can pay in cash on delivery (CoD) or by cheque. Online payment with your debit card, credit card, net-banking will be started soon.
  • Any hidden charges when I make my purchase at Bookspace.in?
    No taxes or additional charges apart from those mentioned on the website.

  • Can I add to my plan mid-subscription?
    You can add to your plan when you renew your subscription. 

  • Does Bookspace.in provide Cash-on-Delivery?
    Yes. We do provide Cash-on-Delivery service.
  • What is Cash-on-Delivery?
    You can subscribe to library membership at Bookspace without making an online payment when you opt for Cash-on-delivery. Pay the amount in cash/cheque when you receive the first delivery.
  • How do I place a cash-on-delivery order?
    Please select Cash-on-delivery option in the checkout process.
  • What are Cash-on-Delivery charges?
    We do not have additional charges for Cash on Delivery.
  • Is it safe to use credit card / debit card on Bookspace.in?
    Yes. It is safe to use all payment options on Bookspace.in. The payment gateway is powered using the PayTM gateway and is safe and secure.
  • How do I use credit card / debit card on Bookspace.in?
    Please fill in your credit card or debit card details in the checkout process. It is safe to use your credit card/ debit card on Bookspace.in.

  • Does Bookspace.in keep multiple copies of titles?
    We keep multiple copies of books in demand.
  • How do I tell Bookspace.in which books I wish to see in their library?
    If there is any book that you would like us to have on the catalogue, you may recommend the books to us using the 'recommend – to admin' tab on your login page.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    Just write an e-mail to bookmark@bookspace.in with your basic details. We will process your refund with immediate attention.
  • Does Bookspace.in provide corporate library services?
    Yes, Bookspace.in is Online Library. Its extensive library collection coupled with state-of-the-art customer service makes it an ideal library. We have a vast collection of Management, Business and Reference books. We also customize the services as per the requirements of the Corporates.
  • How can my company avail www.Bookspace.in library services?
    Please contact us on 9850048496 or 9890658387 or email us at corporate@bookspace.in

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