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About US

Think of your favorite book, or any book for that matter. Now how would you feel about a place, that delivered this book to your doorstep, so you can sit with a with a cup of coffee, while you lose yourself in its pages, strip away your everyday worries , fall in love with beautiful lines and even lovelier characters? Bookspace is that place for you. Here within four walls are books your imagination has conjured , books about ancient history , far-away lands , magic, adventure, danger, love, peace.

Albert Einstein once said, ”The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library.” We, for one, do not have the heart to disagree with Mr. Einstein. Not because he is a brilliant theoretical physicist who changed the face of the world as we know it. But because no words were truer. Bookspace is the brainchild of two childhood friends (chuddi buddies if we may say so). Both avid readers themselves, their passion for reading only grew over the years, as they ventured into their separate fields of interest. It stayed with them throughout their transition from the carefree chuddi to the revered business suit. As they ventured deeper into the corporate world, however, they eventually lost touch with reading. Corporate libraries were found wanting. Private libraries were far from home, and in a world where time is of essence, traffic jams didn’t help either. It gnawed at them frequently and intensely that something as trivial as traffic jams hindered their reading routine. What could be done? And most importantly what could THEY do about it? Ergo, Bookspace came into existence.

With the idea to make books available to readers of all ages and tastes, at throwaway prices, in their own space and time, Bookspace was born. Bookspace officially became a business in August 2014, when a few other friends impressed with the idea, pooled their resources and invested in Bookspace as well. In those crucial first six months Bookspace was blessed with a loyal customer base of 100. Operations took off from an apartment in Kothrud. Books were bought, requests communicated, and deliveries made, all by these two friends, with a little help from frequent chai breaks and power naps! With two young entrepreneurs spearheading the effort, teenagers carrying out everyday operations, kids, parents, and the elderly accessing books daily, Bookspace is a melting pot of versatile readers. Bookspace is not just a business venture; it is an undertaking close to heart. It is no longer only a local library; it is a community of ardent readers.

Ironically as Bookspace is still a baby, and demands most of their attention , these two friends, even after finding themselves surrounded by books, don’t find the time to read ! But it doesn’t matter as long as they get to promote reading, one reader at a time. Let's make reading a habit. Happy Reading, always.

Latest Reviews

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Prasad Kulkarni

“ must read...a terrific true story ”

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Arya by Vasant Patwardhan
Prasad Kulkarni

“ Great book :) ”

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